How to Activate Bank of America Card

Do you want to know the simple steps to activate your Bank of America Card?

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Here you will receive the complete knowledge and steps for activating any Bank of America card. It is too easy to activate a Bank of America Card through Internet or Phone. We will discuss the steps to activate the Bank of America card below in this article.

Bank of America is founded in 1998 in San Francisco. It was formed by the one of reputed firm NationsBank’s. It is the second-largest banking and financial services provider in America after Chase Bank.

Bank of  America

It secures more than 11% of total bank deposits in all over America, it also operates more than 45k funding centers and 15.9k ATMs around the country. The bank also offers its Customers with Credit and Debit cards united with Visa.

You will get a Debit card once you open an account in the bank, You can also easily apply for a credit card if you need. The services offered by the bank to its customers is non-comparable with any other bank.

Activating your Bank of America card is a very important process before using it. Many people when they got their card they start shopping through their card without even activating which may cause rejection to their card.

Once you open a bank account in BOA and receives a debit or if you apply for the credit card in BOA, First it is necessary to register or activate your card from the organization either through their official website or by phone call.

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Steps to Activate Bank of America Credit card

Here we have discussed three different methods to Activate your Bank of America card.

How to activate Bank of America Card

Method 1: Activate your Card Online

This method works only if you are already enrolled in online banking.

For Enroll in online banking open the official Website of the bank and then open the Enroll Online Banking Button and submit your Social Security number with your last 6 digits of your Card.

Activating the Bank of America Credit card is very simple. You just need your Credit card in your hands.

  • First Open the official website of the Bank of America and then log in to your account.
  • After login Verify your account details and identity.
  • Once you provide the right information your card will be activated within seconds.

Activate your Credit Card by Phone

If you are happy with calling the bank representative for activating your card it will also one of the satisfying and quickest ways to activate your card.

You may just need to call the toll-free number 800-276-9939 from your registered mobile number to easily activate your credit card

While Contacting the representative you need to provide some personal details included with your card details to effortlessly activate your card.

Activate your Credit Card through BOA Mobile app

The other option to activate your credit card is using the BOA MOBILE APP.

Bank of America Credit Card Activation

  • First Download the app for your Android or iOS device.
  • After Download login with your Account in the app with the same information as your Online Banking Account.
  • Once you login to the app now goto “your new card” option and activate the card.

Bank of America is one of the leading financial and investment bank chains of America. Activating your card will not become a hustle in this organization.

It will always stand with its customers and serves its customers with the most appropriate solutions to their problems.


We have provided you with all conceivable methods to activate your Bank of America Credit Card, We hope you will definitely enjoy your shopping after activate your card.

But Still, if you face any difficulty in activating your card by applying the above methods you can directly reach us through the comment box.

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