✔️ How to Activate Citi Card | CitiBank Credit Card Activate

Are you looking for a Citi card activation process? Here you can reach to their official website and follow the below steps to complete the process.

Method 1: Activate Citi Card Online

Citi card can be Activate online by visiting its official Website.

Card Activation online

After reaching to the website Open the Card Activation page.

Once you open the Activation page now enter your Citi bank Credit Card Number and press “Continue“.

Now provide all the necessary details like Card number, Holders name, DOB, SSN number and then Continue the process.

After this submission, your Card will be activated within a small period of time.

Method 2: Activate Citi Card Via Phone

Sometimes maybe you are not verified or registered with the Citibank Online Banking system but don’t worry you can easily Activate your Citi Card by Phone.

Activating Citi Mastercard Credit Card by phone is another way to activate your card quickly.

First, you need to call the bank’s representative with the registered mobile number for avoiding the identification issues.

Bank’s phone number always printed on the sticker at the back of your Card if not given you can call this number for Activation process  1-800-950-5114.

Once you may call the representative, Ask them for your Card Activation. They will ask you some personal or account details provide all the accurate registered details to them.

After completing the process the representative will live your Card for using it at different payment areas.

After activating your card please make sure and sign at the back of your card to bypass many theft issues.

About Citi Credit Card

Citi Bank was founded in 1812 in Newyork City, It was the Primary State bank of NewYork City.

The bank provides all major facilities like Credit-lending according to the user need and approach, Saving account, Debit Cards, Credit Cards and Loan facility.

CitiBank has More than 2600 Branches across the World. The bank also manages its services from many subsidiaries.

In the Urban cities of America, It manages around 50% of all Financial Accounts.

All the customers of the bank are highly satisfied with the bank. It also gives benefits to its customers by way of Cash Back allowance, Extra Account benefit and Free Gifts.

CitiBank Credit Card

The Credit Card service is very worthy to the bank. The bank issues the CitiBank Mastercard Credit Cards to its Customers within very less period.

But for using the Card at Various areas we need to Activate Citi Card before doing the payment.

Here we have discussed all the major ways to Activate a credit card with very simple steps.


Citi Card will Activate just After you have applied for its activation, the process of activation is very simple with this bank.

Citi Bank serves its customers with all possible benefits and savings, there are no unnecessary charges charged by this bank.

Activate citibank card

We have considered all major Citi Card activation steps in this article, we also assume you will definitely enjoy the benefits of your card after activating it by following the above steps.

But still, if you stuck at any point in the activation process you can comment us, we will definitely help you in solving your issue.

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