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Belk Credit Card are formally offered by the Synchrony Bank, and it is used at every Belk Stores for purchasing the goods. If you need a Belk card for your Belk store purchases you can apply it easily, here we have provided you with the complete guide for Belk Credit Card Login and how to apply for Belk card from

What is Belk Credit Card?

belk credit card login

Belk Credit Card is a Card with a normal APR rate of 24.30% and its users can pay their Belk store bills from it even online and offline also.

You can also setup your Belk Credit Card Login and check your card status and other bank balace report from their website and app.

Look at the below lines to know how to login Belk card online, how to apply for Belk credit card, and pay your Belk credit card bills.

How to Login Belk Credit Card online?

You can login at Belk Credit card account online First open the official Belk Card Website.

Step 1: Open the official site from any web browser.

Login Belk Card account

Step 2: From the homepage, navigate to Belk login page and login your Belk credit card account with entering your Login details.

Step 3: After entering the login details click the “Login” button.

If you forget your Belk login username or password you can change them with the Belk password reset page. Follow the guide to reset your account details and login at Belk card online.

Reset Belk Login Password

Step 1: Open the official website from any preferred browser.

Reset Belk Credit Card password

Step 2: Navigate to the forget password button and fill your details.

Step 3: Once the details verified you can reset your account password, with a new password.

How to Apply for Belk Credit Card Online?

You can easily apply for a new Belk Credit Card online, follow the steps to login and get the Belk rewards directly into your account.

There are some requirements you need to fulfil before applying for Belk Credit Card online.

  • The participant must be greater than the 18 years of age.
  • The user also must be a legal USA resident.
  • There must be not any fraud and other bankruptcies reported on the name of the applying user.
  • The User will need to provide its SSN for registration. .

If these requirements are fulfilled then you can apply for your Belk credit card account without hustle.

Steps to Apply for Belk Credit Card

Step 1: Open the official banking portal from the link,

register Belk Credit Card account

Step 2: Click on the “Apply” button from the homepage.

Step 3: Fill all the details carefully and submit the application form.

Now you can track your application status by calling the official Belk card support team, you can call them on this number 1-800-669-6550.

How to Register Belk Credit Card Account?

Belk credit cards account registration can be done from their official website,

Apply for Belk Credit Card

You will need to click on the “Register” button from the homepage and fill the details to verify your account.

Once your details verified you can setup your Belk Card Login details and proceed for Login.

Benefits of Belk Credit Card

Belk credit cards
  • After you received an approval status and you make your purchase done on the same day you will get a 20% discount from the bank.
  • The Synchrony bank will credit 1 point in your account on your every $1 spent.
  • Want to get more benefits, purchase more than $600 and you will become a premium cardholder or if you did more than $1500 in a year you will become an Elite cardholder.
  • User will also enjoy the benefits and rewards on their birthday.

How To Do Belk Card Payment?

Getting paid your Belk Card payment online is one of easy task for the the Belk Credit card holders.

You can check these four ways to make the payment for Belk Card.

Pay Belk card bill
  • Pay your Belk Card Online: In this way, you will need to first register and login your Belk card account online and then pay by following the payment page.
Download Belk Credit Card App
  • Pay your Belk Card by Mail: The another way for Belk Card Payment is by mail, you need to send the payment on their official address.

    Please send Belk Credit Card payment here: Synchrony Bank/Belk, P.O., Box 530940, Atlanta, GA 30553-0940.
  • Pay your Belk Card by Phone: You can call the bank officials on this number, 800-669-6550 and pay your bills with their help.

Belk Credit Cards Login Customer Help

You can easily contact the Belk Credit Card officials from this number and address.

Belk Credit Card Customer help number: 800-669-6550

Belk Credit Card Customer care mail address: Synchrony Bank/Belk, P.O., Box 530940, Atlanta, GA 30553-0940.


In this article we have written the proper guidelines to login Belk Credit Card account online and how to pay your Belk card bills online.

You can read the complete article for proper Belk Credit Card banking guides. And if you need any help you can also contact us via comments.

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