Close Chase Bank Account

Chase Bank is one of the largest bank chains in the United States. If you have a Chase bank account but not using it regularly and not even once a month, then it is better to cancel or close the chase account because of the per month fees charged by this financial institution.

If you are not having the minimum required balance in your Chase Account. I advise you to close your Chase bank account asap.

Close chase account

Chase Bank Account Charges/ Fees

If you have “Chase Total Checking” account the fees will $12/month and if your account is “Chase Savings” then the fee is $5/month.
If your account is “Premier Savings”, “Sapphire Checking” account, “Premier Plus Checking” then the fees will be $25 per month.

Close chase account

It is good to have a savings account as it provides interest in your savings and assets but if the bank charges penalty or any other unnecessary fees on the account then it will be grateful to choose a different bank for keeping your assets and close the earlier one.

If you want to close your chase account then the chase bank provides you with many options to close your Chase account.

Closing Chase Account Personally

Close chase account

Closing your chase bank account is totally free! You must be cleared with all the previous dues then no one can charge any sort of fees for closing your chase bank account.

Going to the nearest branch of Chase bank applying for closing it is the best option to close your Chase Account fast.

After reaching the bank inform one of representative their that you want to close your Chase bank account. The representative will tell you the complete process of closing your account, follow the formalities, and close your account.

Before Closing your Account make sure that you have withdrawn or transfer the remaining balance from your account. Also, check the pending charges if you find any pending charges clear it first and then go for the closing process.

Close Chase Account Online

chase bank online sign up

If you don’t want to go to the Chase bank branch then you can also close your chase bank online.

For Closing your account online first you need to visit and login into your account. After that using their secure message center send a mail to the customer care Chase bank and explain it there that you want to close your Chase bank account.

Close chase account

The Banker will reply to you within 1 or 2 days and asking you for your confirmation and other details of your account so that they can finally close your account.

Close Chase account over the Phone

You can also close your Chase bank account over the phone call.

First, you need to call this number 1-800-935-9935 and be ready with all your account details. Once the representative picks the call ask him that you want to close your Chase Bank account then the operator will ask you some questions regarding your account tell them all the details and they will close your Chase account within 24 hr if the information is right.

Close chase account

These are the ways through which you can terminate your chase bank account. We hope you will get the complete process and follow the process to close your Chase Account but still if you find any problem in closing your Chase account you can tell us in the comment.

Close Chase Bank Account by Mail

If you face the problems in going to chase the bank branch physically, you can also close it by mailing the Chase banking authorities.

Follow the steps close chase account by mailing.

Step1>> First Download the Chase Bank Account closing form from the official portal.

Step 2>> Fill the form with the necessary details and also specify the reasons why you need to close your chase bank account.

Step3>> Sign the form and not forget to specify the amount if any is still in your account.

Step4>>Write your name on it and mail it to this address “National Bank By Mail, P.O. Box 36520, Louisville, KY 40233-6520”.

Once they received your mail they will close your account permanently.

Is closing Chase Bank account will decrease my Credit Score

No, No one can change your credit score if you close your chase account with surrendering the proper documents and completing the proper formalities with the bank.

It will happen when you have taken a loan and paying the installments on time. Because your credit score depends on your EMI’s, your check issues, and several related things.

Closing your chase account will benefit you from the heavy fees and overdue which the bank charges every month.

Important Suggestions

Before closing your Chase checking account, you must be prepared with the savings account in some other bank, so that your business and routine transactions will not bother.

It will help you in coping with your bank immediately without disturbing your professional and routine life.

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