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If you are a new eBay Mastercard user and willing to learn more features about eBay Mastercard. Then you are in the right place. Here we have discussed how you can manage your eBay Mastercard effectively and Ebay Mastercard Login.

You will be surprised to see the amazing benefits of using the eBay Mastercard to shop online.

Then let’s start with the benefits and features of eBay Mastercard.

Benefits of eBay Mastercard

1. eBay credit card does not have any annual fees, this is one of the best features about this card.

2. For every $1 spent, you will get two points. If you do shopping at eBay or pay over Paypal.

3. On eBay Extras Mastercard account opening, you can also get a $30 back as a statement of credit.

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Requirements to Ebay Mastercard Synchrony Bank Login?

In order to access the eBay Mastercard, you will need the following things.

1. Official URL is a must for the login process.( https://pages.ebay.com/creditcard/ )

2. Valid registered eBay Mastercard account is required

3. Your login credentials, i.e. account’s username and password.

4. In the online login process, you will also need a laptop or PC with a safe web browser.

How To Log In To The eBay Mastercard?

eBay Mastercard login process is quite simple. If you have all the required login information, then there is nothing to worry about. You can just follow these few simple steps to access your eBay Mastercard.


Let’s see the eBay Mastercard login process:

Step 1: For eBay Mastercard login, first you will have to visit their official web portal. And for that, you need webpage URL of synchrony. You can use this direct official link (https://ebaymastercard.syf.com/login/) to open the eBay Mastercard web portal.

Step 2: A new tab will open on the screen after clicking on this given link. On that screen, you will find a login option on the left-hand section. 

Step 3: In that Login Section, enter your username in the first input box. And valid password in the next blank box. 

After entering all your login credentials click on the “Secure Login” button. 

How To Register Or Create New A New Account?

For new users, here is the detailed stepwise guide for registration. If you wanna register yourself to the eBay web portal. Then please go through the following three steps.

Step 1: To create a new account, you will have to visit their official website. (Here is the link https://ebaymastercard.syf.com/login/). And while filling all the information please make sure that you are connected with a safe internet connection. 

Step 2: Then, click on the “Register” button. 

Step 3: In the next step, you will be asked to enter your card number and ZIP code. 

After providing all the necessary information click on the continue button.

Application Process Of eBay Mastercard

Step 1: To apply for the card, again go to the official webpage by clicking here(https://pages.ebay.com/financialservices/index.html).

Step 2: After clicking on this link, you will find one “Apply Now” button. Which will redirect you on a new webpage.

Step 3: Here, you will have to sign in to your eBay account. And have to fill-up the form.

In this way, you can apply for the card.

How to Reset your forgotten Ebay account password?

To access your account’s information you need to enter your correct password. That is why if you forgot your old password, you cannot access your personal information. 

But you can always reset your account’s password. Just in case if you forgot your old password, follow these given instructions.

Step 1: Firstly, go to the eBay Mastercard Portal by clicking on the above-mentioned link. After clicking on that link pop-up login tab will open on your screen. 

Step 2: Below the login section, you will see two options. The first option, to find the user ID. And the second option to reset your password.

Step 3: Click on the second option and proceed. Then, enter your ZIP code and card number

Customer Service Number

If you have some technical or any kind of queries with your eBay Mastercard, then you can contact at this phone number. Please note down the Customer Service Number: 844-435-0237


eBay card offers various amazing features and benefits like no annual fees. 

Follow the above-mentioned tips and instructions to make effective use of this card.

And we hope this article provided the needed information to you. 

Still, if you are facing any difficulties feel free to drop a comment. Thanks!

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