Sears card activate

Sears Mastercard credit card generally offered to the shoppers at sears, Issued by Citibank.

activate sears credit card

Sears card includes many benefits for the customers of sears with one time benefits like discounts on purchase and many other discounts coupons.

Once you have Issued a sears card the next step includes in the process is to activate it first to avail all the benefits and rewards.

For easy activation of Sears credit card here we will discuss 2 different ways to easily Activate your sears Credit card.

Activate Sears credit card Online

activate sears credit card

For activating your newly issued Sears credit card online all need to go on the Citibank Online Website and login with your account after that submit the details like account holder’s name, account number and other details registered with your sears account.

activate sears credit card

After presenting your details on the online portal click on the “Submit” button to complete the process.

Activate Sears card over the phone

activate sears credit card

Sears bank credit card can easily Activate over the phone call by dialing this toll-free number 1 (800) 589-7327. You can call this number by your registered mobile number and present all your professional details regarded to this card so that the bank can easily identify you and activate your Sears credit card within minutes.

Activating your Sears card through a phone call is quite simple but sometimes when any network issue or because of some other reasons we always prefer activating cards through login into the online portal.

activate sears credit card

We expect you to understand the complete process and you will soon activate your Sears credit card by following the above instructions. Still, if you face any problems in activating your Sears card you can easily comment us so that we can help you in solving your issue.


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