Bank of America is the fastest-growing bank in the United States, as the bank grows it sometimes lacks many serious issues which cause its customers loss.

I have seen many customers who need to close their Bank of America account because they face many difficulties while banking with Bank of America or they probably find other Bank which is better than Bank of America.

But you must withdraw all your balances from your Bank of America Account and clear off your all penalties officially. If your money still remains with the bank you can either withdraw it or make some online purchases to clear it off.

How to close bank of america account

Close your bank of America Account Online

Bank of America has many of its services online except the option for closing the account. But before going to close your account from this bank you must start a new bank account with some other bank.

First, place a cheque in your new bank account to withdraw the remaining amount from your account. And find that the bank must clear all your charges and payments before closing.

How to Close Your Bank Account Over Phone

You can easily close your Bank of America account by calling the bank representative or by visiting the nearby bank branches.

You can contact the bank representative on the following number 800-432-1000, to cancel your bank account.

If you have any credit card issued with this bank, please check you are all payments must be done and then call the bank representative to close your account.

You can make a call on this number 800-732-9194 to make a request to close your bank of America account.

How to close bank of america account

If you face any difficulty in contacting the bank representative you can post a letter at the official bank address Bank of AmericaFL13000129PO Box 25118TampaFL 33622-5118. After writing the instructions about getting the remaining amount from your account please sign the letter and post it.

How to face your future payments after Closing the Account

You can easily manage your all future payments related to banking by just opening a new account with the perfect bank suits to you. After opening the new account tell or inform your new account details to all your partners. So that they will never face difficulty to transfer the amount.

How to open a new account with American Express Bank.

Opening a new account with the new bank will definitely solve all your current issues which you are facing due to the weird performance of Bank of America Bank.

You can also contact us via comments for consulting any information about the best bank in America.

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