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HY-vee is one of the biggest supermarket chains in the United States, with more than 245 stores they serve more than millions of customers with high-quality products and services. HY-vee stores have thousands of employees, and HYvee company serves its every employee with their highest value. (Hyvee Connect Login at | Hyvee Connect is an online portal launched by the company to support its employees at their employment level.

This website has many benefits for the employees and if you are one of the Hyvee connect employees and looking for the HYvee connect login you can find this article helpful for you, here we have listed the complete info for login and how to enrol the HY-Vee portal online.

Hyvee portal

How To Login HYvee Connect Website?

You can login your Hyvee connect account with the help of this step by step guide.

Before you want to do Hyvee Connect Login from, please remember you must be registered with the Hyvee portal.

Steps for Hyvee Connect Login:

hyvee connect login

Step 1: Open the official Hyvee Connect website ( from your desktop or mobile.

Step 2: Enter the Hyvee login credentials carefully in the given fields.

Step 3: Once the details entered and verified click on the login button.

These are the simple steps to huddle hy vee employee login.

If you forget the login details, don’t worry, you can reset the details from the Hy-vee connect official website home page or from

Steps for Reset Hyvee connect Password:

Step 1: Open the official website, from any desktop or laptop.

Step 2: Click at the login button and navigate to the Forget Password page with the given link.

Step 3: Confirm your identity there and reset the login details from the page. Once the new details verified use these details for your future HY-VEE Connect login from

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HY-vee Connect Login Help

In any case, if the HYvee portal shows error or it does not respond, you can take the help from Hyvee connect customer support team.

Hyvee Customer Support Contact: 800-772-4098

Customer Support mail address: Hy-Vee, Inc., 5820 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines, Iowa 50266-8223, (515) 267-2800

Benefits of Hyvee Portal to Hyvee Employees

Many employees from the Hyvee company can take out the benefits from the HYvee official portal.

hyvee connect

Some of the major benefits involves are listed here:

  • Hy-vee connect allows the employees to check their payment or salary status and other financial details.
  • The employees can also check their working schedule or attendance details and also apply for the different shifts from this online portal.
  • Check your work reports and in this portal, you can also contact the other employees from the Hyvee company.
  • Hy-vee connect also offers many employee support discounts and offers for their employee.
  • And finally, you will also be updated with all the company details and upcoming programs in the company.


In this article, you have seen the complete process for Hyvee connect login, and the detailed guide for setup your Hyvee employee account.

You can also check the different benefits of Hyvee portal for the company employees.

If you faces any issues in login please contact the hyvee support team first and you can also contact our support team with sending your request in the comments.

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