Want to Login your Lightspeed Retail Account Online?

Worry not, here we will show you step by step guide to Login your Lightspeed software account.

FAQs Related to Lightspeed Retail Bill Payment

It is a cloud-based POS (Point Of Sale) & eCommerce software provider platform that can be managed anywhere in the world through its application.

1. Does Lightspeed Retail offer any Free Trial?

Ans: Yes, it provides a free trial to its customers for more information visit the official website.

2. On which device a user can log in to their Lightspeed Retail account?

Ans: You can log in to account on any web browser which serves internet congeniality.

3. Is Lightspeed Retail a reliable company?

Ans: As per the reviews & reports accumulated from the people reviews & studies, It is an outstanding, trustworthy, & prominent company.

4. What benefits a user will get after using Lightspeed Retail software?

Ans:  Lightspeed Retail elucidates inventory mgt, gives necessary POS tools, insightful reports, innovative tech, and more benefits.

5. How can we contact Lightspeed Retail customer care?

Ans: If a user wants to contact the customer team then, they can make a call on 1866-932-1801.

Timings to communicate customer team is btw Mon to Fri full 24 hrs service, on sat 10 to 6, on Sun 12 to 8.

Login Necessaries for Lightspeed Retail account:-

The login elements for Account login are not too much, have a look at them we, are placing them below for your assistance:-

  • The official and authentic website address.
  • For uniform login to your Lightspeed Retail account, the user will need good WIFI or net co-operation.
  • Lastly, the user will need their username or email id and their account password.

Lightspeed Retail Account Login steps and procedure

  • Firstly, the user has to initiate their browser and seek the official website  and then visit it.

Lightspeed Retail



  • After banging on that link, the login screen will seem on your device.


  • On that, you will have to enter your account login details like your username or email address and your acc password.


  • After inserting your account details, you will have to click on the “SIGN IN” button to complete the Lightspeed Retail login procedure.


  • That’s it if the Lightspeed Retail account information which you have inscribed is adequate then, you’ll be able to reach your account dashboard.

Password Reset Steps of Lightspeed Retail Account:-

Lightspeed Retail


  • Furthermore, at the base of the login screen, you will see the “Forget passwordsnap-on that is to continue.


  • Thirdly, after snapping on that, the “Lightspeed Retail password reset page” will open.


  • On that, the user will have to inscribe their account registered email id and, after doing this snap-on the “Reset Lightspeed Retail password”.


  • Now, you will have to follow the on-screen directions which will be shown on your screen, and by this, you will be able to reset your account password with peace.


  • And if you face any inconvenience or trouble while resetting your Lightspeed Retail account password then, talk to their customer support team.

Lightspeed Retail Account Registration Steps:-

  • For registration of your Lightspeed Retail account, you have to visit the official website of lightspeedhq.com.

Lightspeed Retail

  • On the bottom of the account login screen, you will see “Need a Lightspeed Retail acc: SIGN UP tap on that to advance further.
  • After tapping on that link, the Lightspeed Retail account registration page will begin on your device screen.
  • There, you will have to enter the particulars claimed by them and fill the enrollment form.
  • The user will have to enter their complete name, home address, Phone  number, company, password, and some more information asked in that form.
  • And following next after filling the account registration form, tap the “Get Started” button to complete the Lightspeed Retail account registration method.
  • That’s it now you can log in to your Lightspeed Retail account easily with the above login details of your Lightspeed Retail account.

Contact info of Lightspeed Retail:-

If you want to contact Lightspeed Retail customer care team then, make a call on 1866-932-1801

LightSpeed Working Hours: Timings to contact them are Mon to Fri 24 hours support, on sat you can contact btw 10 am to 6 pm, on Sun 12 am to 8 am ET timings

Final words & Conclusion:-

So that’s in our account login guide we expect that reading our Lightspeed Retail login guide article will be helpful and advantageous for you.

If you face any issue while performing any of the above steps & procedures then contact Lightspeed Retail customer support team.

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