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Petal is an economic and technology company situated in the state of New York. The company aims at issuing true, easy, and convenient credit cards. Petal brings financial possibilities and discoveries for everyone. Get the complete Petal Card Login guide in the below article.

About Petal Card Login

Petal Credit Card

Petal Card Inc. is responsible for issuing visa credit cards. The company’s mission in credit underwriting arrangements with the help of machine learning tools and examining consumers’ digital financial histories and credit scores permit-issuing credit cards for their customers. The company laid its first foundation on 2nd January 2016

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What are the Minimum Specifications to get Authorized for a Petal Card?

If you want a Petal Card then you must be eligible:

  • You need a true Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.
  • A legitimate U.S. telephone number.
  • A valid email address.
  • Minimum age of 18 years or older. (if you reside in Alabama or Nebraska then you need to be 19 or older)
  • A permanent citizen of the 50 United States or a U.S. military location.

Other Necessary details Required are:

  • Associate your main bank account with your Petal card statement. The bank account must include:
    • Valid savings account details from a U.S. financial institution.
    • Listed as the main or joint account holder.
    • Have an account where you obtain your basic income.
    • Hold at least 3 months of banking records.
    • A valid U.S. or foreign government-issued photo ID

The reasons why you’re currently not eligible for a Petal card:

  • Your prevailing address is an appropriate establishment.
  • Beforehand applied for or am currently a Petal card account holder.
  • Filed for liquidation case within the preceding 48 months.

The qualification to be eligible for using a Petal card is solely dependent on the data that you present during the application process. Your credit account and data are managed in your Petal account all are recorded. Based on this learning, you won’t be able to obtain a card if you are incapable of meeting the above-mentioned credit criteria points. 

Petal Card Login Guide and Fees Detail

Petal Credit Card

Petal Cards are available in two different types. Let’s understand them in detail.

  1. Petal 1 Visa Credit Card:
  • Fees: No Annual Fee
  • Credit Limit: $500 – $5,000
  • APRs: 19.99% – 29.49%
  • Cash Back: 2% – 10% at select merchants

Petal 1 allows you to look ahead at your credit score to generate a Cash Score. Cash Score is generated based on your banking history. It determines your creditworthiness and also assists you to qualify for better credits at favorable prices.

Note that Petal 1 has everything that you require to maintain on the financial racing track. All you need to do is pay on time strongly every month, formulate credit, and evade spending any fees. 

  1. Petal 2 Visa Credit Card:
  • Fees: None
  • Cash Back: 1% – 1.5% and more offers
  • Credit Limit: $500 – $10,000
  • APRs: 12.99% – 26.99%

If you are looking for an advanced-level visa credit card then go for Petal 2. It charges no fees and is intended to encourage you to build credit. It pays users to be responsible.

With Petal 2 you can get 1% cashback immediately and get up to 1.5% for paying on time. With that, you get 2% to 10% reward cashback for select merchants. If you want to make on-time payments, you can grow your credit score. Halt your Petal card at any time you want to preserve your account. Then, you can easily know how safe your data is and how it can be encrypted.

How to Petal Card Login?

Petal Credit Card

To Petal Card Login access your Petal Visa Credit Cards, follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of Petal Card.
  • On the top right corner, you can click on Login.
  • Then, you are directed to the login credentials page.
  • Here, enter your email address and password.
  • Click on login button

And you’re done. Successfully logged to Petal card. 

How to Change your Patel Card Password?

If you have forgotten your password then follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the official website of Petal Card.
  • On the top right corner, you can click on Login.
  • Then, you are directed to the login credentials page.
  • Here, you can see Forgot Password option. Click on it.
  • Enter your email address. Click on the Next button
  • You get an email at the above email address.
  • Then, follow the instructions listed in the email and change your password.

Is Petal Card is Right Choice?

Petal Credit Card



Get started by verifying your number. Then, you’ll receive a code or call on your number. Enter code and verification are done. Next, check out all the offers that are available for you. Choose an appropriate offer that has no impact on your credit score. Then, submit it. 

How does Petal Credit Card work?

Get ready to unlock the strength of your data. Till lately banks recognized their potential user’s banking records. If you want to change banks then you won’t obtain your banking history anymore. But all thanks to the advanced technology and new ordinances, an individual’s banking history relates to them and nobody else. Petal card has produced new opportunities for people to control their money and use them for credit.

It profits us in formulating credit and not debt. Once the approval is done, then it provides us with all the tools that are required for building a positive credit record and trace your score. Keep in mind that your Petal card movement is communicated to all three principal credit bureaus. So, you can fix a budget and halt your card any time you want.