Shopyourway Credit Card Login, Bill Payments and Customer Service

About Shopyourway Credit Card

So are you a constant and regular user of Sears and Kmart? If Yes then, this (Shopyourway credit card) is for you. Clutch your card as soon as possible.

Shop your way credit card is established by Sears and Kmart in collaboration with Citibank. The main aim is to reward the users who make frequent and consistent buying from their repository.

Along with the retail buys, the Shopyourway credit card allows users to earn points on their everyday expenses like petrol, gas, and other normal buys.

Benefits and Advantages of Shopyourway Credit Card?

  1. The primary advantage of using a Shopyourway credit card is that there is no yearly charge (annual fee). By this, the financial strain to use this card is minimized. And the Shopyourway credit card is very convenient to use. 
  2. If you are a gourmet (the people who love to eat food too much) then you can also avail the benefits of using this Shopyourway credit card. As they get 3 percent off on your bills and restaurant expenses.

Shopyourway credit card

Benefit on the Qualified Payment made at the Petrol Pump:-

  1. The users can earn up to 5 percent off on the payment made at the petrol pump. So, this (Shopyourway credit card) will be perfect for anyone who pays a lot at the petrol pump.
  2. Customers will also get a 2 percent discount on the payments and buy made at the Sears and Kmart official stores.
  3. Also, you can be eligible for a 40 dollar statement credit if you spend 50 dollars or more than that on the qualifying purchases within the 30 days of your Shopyourway credit card activation.

You can also activate your Floor and Decor Credit Card and Academy credit Card from here.

Login Requirements For Shopyourway Credit Card Login?

The requirements needed for login into Shopyourway credit card are not too many. We’re plowing them take to look at them:-

  1. The first thing you need is the Shopyourway credit card web address.
  2. Then, you’ll need a PC, computer, smartphone, or lappy to login.
  3. After then, you require decent internet connectivity for smooth Shopyourway credit card login.
  4. Lastly, your USER ID of Shopyourway credit card and your Shopyourway credit card password.

Login Procedure For Shopyourway Credit Card Account?

It’s mild and soft to login into your Shopyourway credit card account. Here the steps follow them and it’ll help you for comfortable login:-

  1. Firstly, visit the official web page of Shopyourway credit card.
  2. On the top right side of the Shopyourway credit card homepage, you will see the “SIGN IN” option. Click on it to proceed further.

Shopyourway credit card

  1. After that, the login screen will appear on your screen.
  2. Now, enter your Shopyourway credit card USER ID and its password to finish the login.
  3. If you have entered your Shopyourway credit card login details accurately. Then, you will see a pop-up showing “SUCCESSFULLY LOGIN”.
  4. If you are facing some trouble while logging in then read their troubleshooting guide it will help you. Or, you can contact the customer care team if your issue is still unsolved.

How can a user reset the password of the Shopyourway credit card?

If you want to reset your Shopyourway credit card account password then, follow the below steps it’ll help you in this.

  1. Firstly, visit the official web page of Shopyourway credit card.
  2. On the top right side of the Shopyourway credit card homepage, you will see the “SIGN IN” option. Click on it to proceed further.
    Shopyourway credit card
  3. Now, you will see the login page. On the bottom of that login screen, you will see the “RETRIEVE USER ID OR RESET PASSWORD” option Click on it to proceed.
  4. After that, it will verify you and you will be asked some personal questions and, also it will tell you to fill in your login details. Do that to proceed.
  5. After entering your card details, click on verify to finish the process.
  6. Now, follow the screen instructions carefully, and then your Shopyourway credit card account password will reset easily.

Customer Support Address and Contact Number:-

  • Your issue will be answered with business hours from Monday to Friday. Besides on any holiday or any national holiday.
  • You can also contact them via call on 800-991-8708. Or user can email them also at [email protected]
  • To contact the Shopyourway customer care team via mail:-
  • PO BOX no. 6282
  • Sioux Falls, SD 57117

Shopyourway Credit Card payment address:-

  • PO BOX No. 78024
  • Phoenix, AZ 85062-8024

Shopyourway Credit Card Express Payments and Overnight Delivery:-

  • Attn: Consumer Payment Department
  • 6716 Grade Lane, Building 9 Suite 910
  • Louisville, KY 40213

Final Words:-

So, that’s in this article. We hope you liked this article and found this one helpful. And got the idea about the Shopyourway credit card and its login req and guide. The user can get their Shopyourway credit card efficiently and as per your need in a very less time. Remember you must be 18+ and a permanent resident of the USA to get your Shopyourway credit card.