Staples Rebate Card

Staples offers you a marvelous discount system. Staples rebate system enables you to receive discounts on some specific products or items only if you purchase it from Staples. This rebate system helps you to save your money and enjoy purchasing products. Once you have logged in to your account you can get your discounts in your hand. You can enjoy the rebate system by creating an account on


This article will cover what is Staples Rebate Card, benefits of Staples Rebate Card, login process, customer service, and many other things. 


What Is a Staples Rebate Card?


Staples Rebate Card is a discount card which is provided by Staples to its customers. You can get many amazing discount offers from Staples on the purchases you make on Staples.

This helps you to save money and  enjoy shopping for your products. You can enjoy the rebate service of Staples by logging into your account on . The is very easy to operate and manage. I will help you login into your account. 

Staples Rebate Offers


Staples offers you a variety of discount offers on your purchases which you can enjoy by becoming a Staple Rebate Cardholder. Here are some of the offers you get:

  • When you do purchases at Staples with your Visa/Mastercard gift cards you can get $20 discounts aur purchase of $300.
  • Status provides you strippers gift cards which can be used in Staples stores. They will help you to receive gift hampers or rebate gifts.
  • Staples offer you visa paid service which can be performed at Staples where Visa card is accepted.
  • The Staples gift cards do not have any expiry date.
  • Get discounts on all your Staples purchases frequently.

Here we covered a few discount offers which you can enjoy by becoming a Staples ribbit card holder. Get notifications and alerts of upcoming discount offers by creating an account on .

How To Create an Account On Staples?

If you want to become a user of Staples and use the rebate card offered by Staples, you can surely go for it by creating a new account on Staples. Follow the instructions given below to create your new account:


  • There you will see an option appearing on the top right corner of the screen for creating a new account.
  • Enter your 8 digit account number.
  • Submit it to the website.
  • Now enter the details asked on the portal such as your first name, last name, your valid email address and strong password 8 characters without having any space.
  • If you want to sign yourself for the reverse then click the ‘ Sign Me Up For Rewards’.
  • Feel the entries carefully.
  • Input your contact number in the box.
  • Recheck the information you just entered.
  • At last select the ‘Create An Account’ button.

This is how you can create a new account for Staples. Follow these instructions in sequence and you will be able to create a new account on Staples.

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Staples Login Requirements

Once you have created your new account on staples you can easily login to your account and enjoy the rebate services. Before that you need to fulfill the login essentials. requirements by which we can login to your account:

  • First of all you need a working device such as your Android phone or personal computer.
  • Your device must be connected with a reliable internet connection.
  • You should have a web browser to  go to the official website of Staples.
  • After that you should have the link of the official website 
  • Be ready with the username and a password as verification information whenever you log into your account.

If you are ready with these login essentials you can quickly login to your account and take advantage of the discount services.

Staples Rebate Card Login Guide

Now you can simply log into your account of Staples rebate card and enjoy the rebate facilities by following these instructions:

  • Open your web browser and go to the official website of Staples
  • Click on the ‘Login’ option.
  • Now you will be navigated to the login page of the portal.
  • Type in your username and password.
  • Recheck the information again.
  • Lastly select the ‘Login’ option.

Once you have logged into your Staples Rebate card account you can manage your accounts activity e and take benefits of the discounts offered by Staples.

Staples Rebate Card- Contact Us


In this article I have provided you all the required data about Staples Rebate Card, and other related information.

Now you can enjoy the discount services offered by Staples whenever you want. If you still have any e quarry or problem while managing or operating your rebate card and accessing your portal, you do not have to worry.

You just have to interact with us by going through the contact details. Go through the below mentioned contact details:

  • Toll-Free Number: (800) 378-2753
  • Call customer service
  • Customer Service:(800) 333-3330
  • Legal:(866) 782-7537
  • Privacy Inquiries : (800) 378-2753
  • Staples Emails: Legal
  • Privacy Inquiries
  • Message this business


  • Staples Website:
  • Visit contact page:
  • Corporate Office Address:Staples, 500 Staples Drive, Framingham, Massachusetts 01702,United States

This was all about Staples Rebate Card and website. Now for more answers to your questions you can surely contact us. we have provided you are all the contact information clearly about.

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