South Texas College Jagnet Login | STC Blackboard Login

In the recent COVID-19 outbreak, followed by more than a year-long pandemic or the lockdown, it is not feasible to visit your dream college in person. It is not safe and secure. But you need not worry. When will the rapidly growing and progressing technology help? Now it is the time. With the help of South Texas Blackboard Technology, STC Blackboard Login @ you can get direct access to South Texas College from anywhere in the world.

South Texas College brings to you Blackboard Technology. Through this, you can enroll for your course online using the South Texas Blackboard stc blackboard login portal. This technology will help you study your course in online mode.

The South Texas College Blackboard jagnet portal once logged in will show all your courses and you can access them. Education should not stop and South Texas College is following the same. Read further on to know more about this login.

South Texas College Login | STC Blackboard

South Texas College is a public community college located in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. They serve around 35,000 students. There are new things and new learnings out there every day and every quarter.

In today’s world, a college degree is an intermediate to differentiate between the unemployed and the hired. It is perhaps the most important reason why students everywhere see college. 

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Programs and Offering From South Texas College

Some of the programs offered by South Texas College are listed below.

  • Associate Degrees
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Certificate Programs
  • Dual Credit
  • Online Programs
  • Industry Training and Economic Development
  • Continuing, Professional and Workforce Education 

South Texas College Jagnet Blackboard Portal Login

The browsers recommended for accessing the South Texas blackboard are either google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Here is a guide for STC jagnet blackboard login.

  • Firstly, visit the website by clicking on the link given below: 
  • Once the site homepage opens up, click on the STC blackboard option located at the top right area.
  • It will take you to the login page once you click on it. Enter your South Texas College username into the Username section. Also, enter your South Texas College password into the password section of the login page.
  • Once you are done entering both, click on enter.
  • You are now logged in to the STC jagnet blackboard.
South Texas College

You will receive all the required information from the distance learning department of South Texas College. You will find all your courses located under the My Courses section once you are logged in.

Help Related to the South Texas College Blackboard Login

First-time users must have a password of the form – Ammddyy####!

Capital A, followed by the date of birth, the month, and the year. The last 4 digits are the digits of the student ID number or the “A number”. Then you have to add an exclamation mark. 

In case you have forgotten the password or wish to reset it, visit and change it.

If you are having any problems with the browser, please clear the cache memory. This can be done with Ctrl + Shift + Delete for Windows and Command + Shift + Delete for Mac.

Depending on the type, of course, you have selected, there may be a need for some additional software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Flash player, Windows, and more.

You will not be able to view your course until the first day of the class. If the course still does not appear, then contact the Distance Education Department. They will look into the matter and notify you as soon as possible. 

If you still need help and have queries, you can visit which has some FAQs. Hope you find your answers there.

Contact South Texas College Support

Here is some contact information that you may find useful:

Student Services

  • Admissions – 956-872-8323
  • Financial Aid – 956-872-8375
  • Cashiers – 956-872-3455
  • Advising Center – 956-872-8372
  • Student Assessment – 956-872-3484
  • Disability Support – 956-872-2173


If you have any questions or queries regarding the distance learning resources provided to you, you may feel free to contact the distance learning Help Desk support at (956-872-2598).

You can also drop an email of your queries at [email protected].

Social Media Handles

Connect to the college through various social media platforms. Here are a few of them.

Why Choose South Texas College?

Why should you choose a community college? And if you choose a community college, why should you choose South Texas College? First of all, college graduates earn more. A student having a Bachelor’s degree earns much more than a non-graduate. When you choose the right field or stream you are going to celebrate it forever. 

South Texas College

Getting into a stream of passion can help you get a sense of identity and motivation. Coming to the question of why choose South Texas College, is the varied field of learning offered there. What makes South Texas College exceptional is the robust online campus, the course schedule designed to benefit the students who value and require flexibility. They have affordable payment options and getting into South Texas College is worth everything. 

STC has high-tech skill learning which will provide you with skills that you need to stay at the top of the competitive world. Their Bachelor’s program aims to prioritize education while decreasing the cost. So, if you’ve just completed high school and looking for a great college, South Texas College is the right choice to experience the exceptional. 

In South Texas College around 63% of the students are first in their family to attend college. Around 28K have enrolled for various programs. More than 63% of traditional students receive Pell Grants. The Student to Faculty ratio is 20:1. It also offers Dual Credit Programs.