Which Walmart Stores are going to shut down in Canada?

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Walmart Stores to shutdown in Canada:

Walmart Stores

Below given is a list which includes the name of stores which are going to shut down soon. Want to know why and how? Follow the article then.

  1. Topsail Road Walmart, St. Johns Nfld.
  2. Walmart Deer Valley, Calgary in Alta.
  3. Walmart in Stanley Park Mall, Kitchener Ont.
  4. Walmart Malton Supercentre, Mississauga Ont.
  5. Walmart County Flair, Hamilton Ont.
  6. Abbotsfield Walmart, Edmonton.

What Happened?

  • As per the announcement on 15 March, Walmart Canada announced closing six outlets.
  • The shutdown of the stores is initiated to collect funds for upgrading almost half of the remaining outlets.
  • This is targeted to improve the online business as well as looking and experience of the stores for upgradation.
  • It is claimed from the company that the employees of the stores which are going to close will get opportunities to join nearby stores.
  • It is also stated that the affected outlets are already located in areas with Walmart Stores.
  • As heard from Walmart Canada, the $500 Million includes the launch and processing of Automated Marketplace Fulfilment Store in Scarborough, West Supercentre of Walmart in Ontario.
  • The company already speed up working on this, as the program will witness automatic picking and dispensing of grocery online. Vending machines will be regulated for the delivery of orders online.

What Next?

  • The company organization is planning towards an investment of about 3$ Billion for a better user experience in online shopping as well as making a suitable environment for in-store shopping.
  • The Chief of Operations stated that- Walmart wants to deliver the best and automatic shopping experience to its users. They shouldn’t regret picking us, but be proud that they relied upon us.
  • Digitalization of purchase and user feedback is the key focus of the step. As digitalization is a futuristic approach.
  • Digitalization is an important yet flexible part of our daily lives. Along with working on the store environment, digitalization roots will grow.
  • More than half of the stores are going to get upgraded by new lighting, repairing work, new display and posters, furniture of staff and paint as well. All these operations will be completed from $500 Million.
  • The company is also going to renovate the infrastructure of the stores so that they can make a subsequent increase in the pick-up section. This can be useful for e-commerce tomorrow.

About Walmart:

  • Walmart is an American MNC which consists of supermarkets, departmental stores, and lastly grocery stores as well.
  • Started in 1962, the headquarters located in Bentonville, AR.
  • The Founder of the company is Sam Walton, currently serving worldwide.
  • It has over 11,000 stores in 27 nations.
  • It is known as ‘Flipkart Wholesale’ in India. It is categorized in the retail industry.
  • Currently, Doug McMillon is the CEO and President of Walmart.
  • Astonishingly, Walmart is the world’s largest revenue earning company.
  • It has over 2 Million employees worldwide.

Final Words:

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