Walmart Money Card For Free

If you need to know how to Activate a newly issued Walmart money card within minutes, then don’t worry here you will get complete guidance in Activating a Walmart Money Card Online.

Walmart Money Card is the prepaid balance Card issued by Walmart. These cards are very useful at many locations in our routine life.

Walmart issues these cards to the person above the age of 18 but the teenagers whose Ages are 16 or 17 can also get the benefit of these cards by opening their account in Walmart with their parent’s concern.

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You will get these Cards Online or by visiting their Stores at the fixed fees of $3. You can also take more than one card from a single account.

Walmart does not require any credit scores or financial statements for opening accounts.

You can use these cards at various locations like while Online Bill payments, Sending money to friends and family, and check account balances and many more.

Opening the account and getting a Walmart money card is not a big action but to activate your Walmart Money card you need proper guidance so that it will activate within a single try.

In this article, we have discussed the different ways for Walmart Money Card Activation.

You can follow these simple steps to activate the Walmart Money debit card.

Method 1: Walmart Money Card Activation Online

  • Walmart card activation is an easy process, for activating your card online first you need yo open the Walmart online portal.
Walmart Money card activation
  • Once you open the portal, now enter the details like your card number, Expiration Month and Year, and Three-digit security PIN in the specified columns.
  • After entering the details click “Next”.
  • Walmart will activate your card after checking the details.

Method 2: Walmart Debit Card Activation via Phone Call

  • You can either call the Walmart representative on this number 1-877-937-4098 to activate your card via phone call.
  • You need to ask the representative for your card activation while calling.
how to activate Walmart Money card
  • Before making a call to Walmart you need to prepare all your details like your card number or security code ready so that if the representative will ask you for any personal or card details you can transfer the details easily.

These are the two easiest ways to activate your Walmart Money Card. While activating the Card follow these Steps completely so that your Card will activate without any error.

Reload your Walmart Money Card

Activate Walmart Money card

Reloading your Walmart card will help you to control the low balance effect on your account.

You can reload your card directly by any bank transfer or by visiting any Walmart store. Here you will also take advantage of several important account alerts like Everyday Account balance, Low Balance Alert, and many others.


Activating your Walmart Debit card includes various steps, Our team has considered all-important steps while activating your card.

But still, if you need any help in activating your Walmart Money card you can come to us via Comments.

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