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Walmart is an American multinational retailing company that includes chains of supermarkets, grocery stores, and department stores all over the world. Walmart has recently come up with a new way to please its associates or employees, which is Walmart.

What Is WalmartOne 2-step Verification?

Walmartone is an online portal for the associates or employees of Walmart. Walmartone is also available in the mobile application for android and iPhone users. This application is designed for the employees to keep an update of their work details like salary, benefits, working schedule, and associations with Walmart. Walmartone can also be used to access the paystub, news, updates, and schedules for the company.

What Is WalmartOne 2-step Verification?

Walmart provides its associates with a mobile application Walmart One. The account can be accessed only when you are present at the Walmart location. Outside the Walmart location, you will need to sign up using WalmartOne 2-step Verification. This sign-up can be done only when you are within the location of Walmart. If you are worried about how to sign up through two-step verification, then go through the complete article for detailed steps.

Requirements For The WalmartOne 2-step Verification

To sign up, you should be a member of Walmart company. Walmartone is only accessible to the employees of it. You can sign up using your mobile or laptop. You can sign up while you are in the Walmart location.

Step By Step Procedure For WalmartOne 2-step Verification


Walmartone 2-step verification

WalmartOne 2-step Verification or 2SV is a 6 digit code that is used to securely login in addition to your standard Walmart login. This 6 digit code can be provided through call, text message, or through an app. Follow the step-by-step procedure to complete your WalmartOne 2-step Verification.

STEP 1. Visit Walmart two-step verification. You will be soon directed to the page for WalmartOne 2-step Verification. (keep in mind that you are in the Walmart network while following the verification).

STEP 2. Log in using your USER ID and password, making sure that you fill correct details.

STEP 3. You will be soon directed to your Walmart account. Check whether your name appears in the top right corner. If not, log out and log in again.

STEP 4. You will find three options on the provided page. You can see the three options available for verification which are text message, voice call, or app. Choose one of the options provided.

STEP 5. Next, you will be provided with the 6 digits security code based upon the choice you make in step no. 4.

WalmartOne 2-step Verification Through Text Message:

Walmartone 2-step verification

If you choose to get a verification code through text message then follow the steps below for further procedure.

STEP 1. After choosing verification through text message, you will be asked to enter your phone number along with the area code.

STEP 2. Check your inbox for the confirmation code.

STEP 3. Enter the security code sent through the text message.

STEP 4. click submit.

You will be registered on the Walmart One.

WalmartOne 2-step Verification through voice call

Walmartone 2-step verification

If you choose to get verification through voice call, then follow the given steps for further procedure.

STEP 1. After choosing the option voice call, you will be directed to the page which will ask for your phone number along with the area code. Enter the phone number details.

STEP 2. Re-enter the phone number to receive a phone call.

STEP 3. Enter the verification code that you hear on the phone call.

STEP 4. Click submit to get verified.

You will be registered on the WalmartOne 2-step Verification app.

WalmartOne 2-step Verification Through The App

Walmartone 2-step verification

If you choose to get verified through the app, then follow the given steps.

STEP 1. Download the application named WalmartOne through Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS.

STEP 2. Enter your credential ID in the given field.

STEP 3. Enter the security code that you will receive through the app.

STEP 4. Click on submit button.

You will be registered on the application.

Need Help? Contact Walmartone

If you are stuck in between the process contact the given phone numbers.

  1. For users from the US contact at 479-273-4357
  2. Users from outside the US can contact help desk numbers.


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